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Greetings Ant Lovers, My massive and ravenous fire ant colony, named the Crimson Knights, have grown so big now that they’ve already begun attempting to escape their volcanic island paludarium ant farm setup (Volcania). So, to help keep the fire ants well fed and amply distracted, I decided to give […]

NEW VIDEO: I Fed a Pigeon to My Ants

Greetings Ant Lovers, In today’s episode, I travel all the way to Sydney, Australia in search of the notorious BULL ANT. These infamously aggressive ants are known to pack a painful sting, but I wanted to finally learn about and observe these ants in the flesh, especially because Australian BULL […]

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Greetings Ant Lovers, One of the most underrated ant colonies of this channel, in my opinion, under our care, that totally deserves more recognition, are these supremely unique ants, which have some of the fastest and most powerful appendages in the animal kingdom: Trap-jaw ants! These ants get their name […]


Greetings Ant Lovers, I hate to break the bad news: My massive pet fire ant colony (the Crimson Knights) managed to find an escape route from their setup, a volcanic island paludarium I created for them. Fire ants are a difficult species to keep, particularly because they are escape artists. […]

NEW VIDEO: My Fire Ants Escaped

Greetings Ant Lovers/AC Family, Sadly, I have some ant and creature deaths to report. In this full ant room update tour, I show you my current ant colonies, their setups, also perform some feedings, and report on newcomers to the Ant Room.

NEW VIDEO: My Ants & Pets That Have Died | ...

Greetings Ant Lovers/AC Family, My queen ants have died and I found them covered in a swarm of mites who were devouring their dead bodies. I break down the mystery of how I believe the queen ants, whom I was trying to create a supercolony with, died, and where the […]

NEW VIDEO: My Queen Ants Died, Covered in Mites

Greetings Ant Lovers, My pet fire ant colony, named the Crimson Knights, has grown so big now, I felt it was time to give them their first taste of meat: a raw chicken foot. The fire ants loved their new protein-rich meal, and watching them break it down was an […]

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Greetings AC Family/Ant Lovers, I’m attempting something that scientists and agriculturalists haven’t managed to pull off. I’m growing termite mushrooms, known as Termitomyces using a captive colony of termites. I’ve tried doing this in the past, but sadly failed due to unknown factors, likely temperature and possibly a faulty method. […]

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Greetings Ant Lovers/AC Family, I created a lush island kingdom for my young colony of acrobat ants, which happen to be a species awaiting identification. According to scientists, it does not look like an ant species known to be found in my part of the world and may possibly be […]

NEW VIDEO: Releasing My Pet Ants onto their New ‘Jungle ...

Greetings Ant Lovers/AC Family, A killer Cordyceps fungus killed my queen ants. I have been caring for a trio sorority of weaver ant queens (Oecopylla smaragdina) looking forward to them founding a colony so they could spin their iconic leaf basket nests in leaves. However, tragedy struck when I discovered […]

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