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Greetings, AC Family, Rhinoceros Beetles (Xylotrupes gideon philippinensis) are truly some of the most spectacular and majestic creatures of the insect world. This is why I was thrilled to add some beetle larvae to our growing menagerie of creatures in the ‘Antiverse’ (my Ant Room). Back in October, when I […]

NEW VIDEO: I Raised Massive Rhino Beetles

Greetings AC Family, Happy new year! We’ve got another epic ant video to end 2018. I gave my pet fire ants a raw chicken head for Christmas, and the outcome was pretty intense! Watch as the Fire Nation, my massive pet ant colony of many years, devours this enormous chunk […]

I Gave My Fire Ants A Chicken Head

Greetings AC Family, Our pet ants have become infested with mites yet again. The Platinum Dragons, the name given to our young colony of Polyrhachis ants have been growing slowly, and at one point seemed to be winning the battle against a mite infestation they were dealing with when we […]

NEW VIDEO: Ants vs. Swarms of Intelligent Mites

Greetings AC Family, This is the epic story of how the most beautiful tarantula in the world, with her entrancing, innate arachnid beauty, took her crown as goddess of the Antiverse (the Ant Room). In a scramble against time to harvest her webbing to keep our fire ants (the Fire […]

NEW VIDEO: The Most Beautiful Tarantula in the World

Greetings AC Family, It’s that time of the year again, guys! The holidays are upon us, AC Family, and as usual, we’ve got a great Holidays Promo for you ant keepers and ant lovers wanting to get into the hobby this year! Anyone ordering our new Ant Towers, which are […]

Deals, Deals, Deals! The Annual AC Holidays Promo 2019

Greetings AC Family, A living, breathing green monster has completely taken over the mighty river within the Selva De Fuego, river jungle paludarium ant kingdom of the Fire Nation, our massive fire ant colony. It has taken lives of creatures living in the river and has even begun to kill […]

NEW VIDEO: Killing the Green Monster

Greetings AC Family, Today we live streamed one of our beloved ant colonies: the ever unique, ferocious, and prolific trap-jaw ants, known as “The Jawbreakers”. We discuss about their housing, care, and give them some roaches! Watch how this amazing ants live out their lives.  

Live Stream: Ant Spotlight – Trap-jaw Ants

Greetings AC Family, Welcome to Axolotland, a new mountainside village aquarium and habitat for two aquadragons, i.e. axolotls (Ambystoma mexicanum). These very unique and cute amphibians, which are closely related to tiger salamanders are pretty interesting creatures. In this video, we watch these two axolotls evolve from strangers to best […]

NEW VIDEO: Axolotland – The Cutest Creatures You’ve Ever Seen

Greetings AC Family, Fire ants vs. Bird-Eater Tarantula: It sounds like the battle of the century, right? Well, this video is not what you’re thinking. In fact, what happened when two fierce creatures come face to face will astound you, and to the best of my knowledge, I’m certain nothing […]

NEW VIDEO: Fire Ants vs. Bird-Eater Tarantula

Greetings AC Family, Have you ever seen an axolotl? What happens when ants and an axolotl mix? Do you even know how to pronounce ‘axolotl’? Join us for another episode of discovery as we learn about the peculiar, endearing, and incredible ways of an amphibian which has gone close to […]

NEW VIDEO: Ants vs. Axolotl