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Greetings Ant Lovers, I’m going for it! I’m building a huge 82-acre nature park which I’m tentatively naming Antopia Park, which I intend to open to the public and to tourists. In this video, I discuss my plans for launching such a large-scale operation, ask for your feedback and help […]

NEW VIDEO: I’m Building an 82-Acre Jurassic Park for Ants ...

Greetings Ant Lovers, I can’t believe we made another novel discovery in our newly bought ant forest! In this episode, we fortify our new forest/ant paradise for the native ants in my area, applying permaculture principles to build a food forest. While doing so we finally hear back from my […]

What I Discovered in My New Forest & Ant Paradise

Greetings Ant Lovers, The day has come! I decided to buy a forest to celebrate the channel hitting 4M subscribers, and it’s truly a magical place to explore. The richness of biodiversity is mind-blowing, and I managed to find several ants there that I’ve never seen before. Aside from fulfilling […]

NEW VIDEO: Buying a Forest to Create a Paradise for ...

Greetings Ant Lovers, Wait for the big surprise ending! I finally got to the bottom of the secret identity and life of a mystery ant, tentatively named Ant # 555 from my yard. It was a species I hadn’t seen before, and to our surprise, a taxonomist and myrmecologist Dr. […]

NEW VIDEO: What Scientists Discovered About Mystery Ant # 555

Greetings Ant Lovers, We made history in the world of science last week and had no idea! A mystery ant I spotted in my yard didn’t happen to match scientific records in the global ant species catalogue. However, when we sent some specimens to the top ant biologist and taxonomist […]

NEW VIDEO: How We Accidentally Discovered ANT # 555 and ...

Imagine discovering a new ant species and being able to give it a scientific name. That dream just got a little bit closer to becoming a reality this week. In this episode, we return to #Antopia‚Äč, my backyard, where I happened to discover a peculiar new ant that I hadn’t […]

Discovering & Naming A New Species of Ant in My ...

I raised my pet fire ants at the start of last year from just a single queen ant with eggs in a test tube. One year later, they inhabit a huge, beautiful setup and have gone through so much. This is an update on the Phoenix Empire one year since […]

My Pet Fire Ant Colony 1 Year Later

Greetings Ant Lovers/AC Family, Fire ants love cow dung but this is not a good thing! Upon inspecting my yard I spotted piles of cow dung on which fire ants were feasting eagerly. It made me wonder what was in cow dung that the ants loved so much. In this […]

Why Are These Fire Ants Eating Cow Poop?

There’s an epic ant war happening in my yard, and I managed to film scenes of weaver ants and fire ants battling it out. It was all part of an important natural balance of power between the native ants and invasive ants in my yard. Ant love forever!  

Ant War: Weaver Ants vs. Fire Ants

Being¬†at the right place at the right time has its advantages! This week, in our backyard, we walk right into a massive ant war between two ant colonies. The determined ants were fighting over something quite surprising, but what was most surprising was what two ant colonies were warring with […]

Footage of Wild Ants Going to War