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AC Family,   Due to overwhelming requests for an update on the termite pair we saved from our Ants vs. Termites video several months back, I present to you our brand new termite colony!  

New Video: My New Massive Termite Farm

AC Family, This week, we welcome a brand new ant colony to the channel, but it has got to be one the most unique ants I’ve ever kept. These Dracula ants lead an interesting lifestyle, wounding their young and feeding on their blood! You won’t believe your eyes and the […]

NEW VIDEO: Dracula Ants – Ants that drink the blood ...

Greetings AC Family, Today we have a look at some of the other animals I live with that share the space with the ants and I. Enjoy this exotic pet special!  

NEW VIDEO: Meet My Other Exotic Pets

AC Family, Did you catch our hour long info-packed live stream of the Titans (Asian Marauder ants) feeding? Tune and learn how incredible these ants really are! Ant love forever!

NEW POST: Live Stream Feeding of the Titans

AC Family, The Titans are back and they’re stronger and more epic than ever! Today I created what is now officially my favourite ant kingdom to date. Come watch as we move in this multi-queen, polygynous super colony into this mountain castle-themed ant setup called Olympus!

NEW VIDEO: My NEW Favourite Ant Farm Of All Time!

AC Family, I can’t believe it! It’s a dream come true to see my ants doing something I’ve tried for years to set up, but could never achieve, but shockingly peeking into the floating island ant farm of Avista this week, revealed some secret farming projects initiated by the ants, […]

NEW VIDEO: My Ants Discovered Agriculture!

Greetings AC Family, Disaster has struck and we need to fix our failed biological experiment in the Selva de Fuego! Watch how we recover from this experiment gone wrong!

NEW VIDEO: My Failed Biological Experiment

Greetings AC Family, We did it! We hit 2 Million subscribers on the AC Youtube channel. So to celebrate this milestone, this week’s episode is a full ant room tour and update on all the colonies within the Antiverse. It’s an extra long episode with lots of shocking news this […]

NEW VIDEO: The Ants with 2 MILLION SUBS (Full Ant ...

Greetings AC Family, This week we welcome a new ant colony to the Ant Room, and trust me, these diminutive ants are adorable! Welcome to the floating island of Avista, our very first, truly open-concept ant island!

NEW VIDEO: The Cutest Ants in the World (NEW ANT ...

Greetings AC Family, This week’s episode is a special one! It’s a celebration of the new ANT-MAN & THE WASP movie, as well as the very first video in 4K UHD resolution! Come see the Ant Room in a totally new light! Enjoy!