Greetings Ant Lovers,

One of the most underrated ant colonies of this channel, in my opinion, under our care, that totally deserves more recognition, are these supremely unique ants, which have some of the fastest and most powerful appendages in the animal kingdom: Trap-jaw ants!

These ants get their name from their signature serrated mandibles which can open greater than 180 degrees, between which exist little trigger hairs, that like a trigger in a bear trap, once touched, cause the mandibles to snap shut with tremendous force instantly delivering a lethal blow or death lock upon any prey that might be unlucky enough to be a victim of its clutches. I felt it was time to return to their mighty forest kingdom, we call Aranyani’s Bend, to check up on our trap-jaw ants, and see what the colony’s been up to.

Ladies and gents, let’s gather round, put on our best protective head and body gear, and get up close and personal with our menacing, but beloved trap-jaw ants, as they feast on a huge roach carcass, like a hungry pride of lionesses.