Basic AC Test Tube Pack™

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These durable AC Test Tubes™ are specifically designed for rearing your newly captured queen ants during the colony founding phase. These test tubes can also be used to provide your ant colony with water or sugar water. Features include:

  • They are long (length 15 cm, diameter 1.7 cm) which allows you to create a larger water reservoir for a greater supply of water and humidity.
  • They possess miniature teeth which keep the test tube from rolling on a flat surface.
  • They are 100% clear for a full view of your queen and young colony.
  • They are made of plastic, safe, lightweight, and easy to use.
  • Comes in a pack of 5 AC Test Tubes™

Recommended for use with our AC Test Tube Rack™ , AC Test Tube Adapter Pack™ and AC Test Tube Portal™.






The test tubes are not dishwasher-safe. Several minutes of exposure to very hot water will usually cause them to warp. A tube cleaning brush (Google "tube cleaning brush") is usually best using warm water. An application of an isopropyl alcohol-based cleaner can also be used if absolute sterilization is desired.




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