AC Test Tube Rack™ v2

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Our new and improved AC Test Tube Rack™ v2 is quintessential for storing your test tubed queen ants and young colonies.


They are now light weight, 100% clear for optimal observation of your ants, and boast various other features. Features of the AC Test Tube Rack™ v2:


  • The rack holds 5 test tubes securely to keep them from rolling around in a drawer, keeping your queens and young colonies comfortable and at peace during their crucial founding stage. Stress during this time can impede the success of your founding ant colony.
  • Small teeth in every test tube socket hold the test tubes in place so the test tubes don't slide out if you tilt or carry the AC Test Tube Rack™
  • A special heating port accommodates a heating cable along one side of the rack so you can safely warm your test tubed queens and young colonies to speed up growth and development
  • These racks are stackable for convenient storage of multiple test tubes and will not slide due to pegs which secure the racks when stacked
  • Durable, light-weight and easy to use



NOTE: This product usually ships within 1-7 days after purchase. Accommodates AC Standard Test Tubes™. Test tubes sold separately. All our prices are in USD and we ship via USPS. If you are outside the US, we do not cover customs fees that your country may incur on packages.

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