Test Tubes and Test Tube Portals now available!

Our AC Standard Test Tubes™ and Test Tube Portals™ are now available. Check them out now at our shop!

Five AC standard Test Tubes™ for housing your newly captured queen ants caught during nuptial flight. These fit directly to our Hybrid Nests for easy transferring of your ant colony into their formicarium. These test tubes can also be used to provide your ant colony with water or sugar water. They are large (length 15 cm, diameter 1.7 cm), durable, made of plastic, and are safe to use.

AC Test Tubes

The AC Test Tube Portal™ is one of the most useful items in ant keeping. It has four openings and a removable screen mesh cover for ventilation.

ac test tube portal

The AC Test Tube Portal™ can be used for:

  • miniature outworlds for feeding a starting ant colony in a test tube, especially useful for semi-claustral ant species
  • joining a colony in a moldy or dried out test tube setup with a fresh, new test tube setup
  • offering test tubes full of sugar water to starting colonies in a test tube setup
  • an alternative to placing test tubes of sugar water and/or water in an ant colonies’ outworld as they act as liquid feeding stations for colonies
  • connecting tubing together creating a tubing crossroads
  • an alternative to a formicarium by simply connecting an arrangement of one or more AC Test Tube Portals™, tubing, and test tube setups