Ant Tower Deluxe (Kit Only)

$ 7.50

A kit to enhance your ant keeping experience using our Ant Tower Small.

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This handy kit is designed to enhance the experience of users of the Ant Tower Small. Note that this is only the kit which includes red LED light, mini magnifying glass, and pipette. If you would like to purchase the Ant Tower Small + this kit you can purchase the Ant Tower Deluxe – Small here.

Kit contains:

1. Red LED Light

The Red LED Light can be placed under the Ant TowerTM in the void created by the inner cylinder. The small wire attached to the battery case can fit through one of the two tunnels of the base, allowing the Ant TowerTM to still sit flat on the table or desk. When turned on, a red light is emitted from the inside making the tunnels, chambers and all the ant activity much easier to see. Again, the red light is not viewable by ants, so it won’t disturb or alarm them.

2. Mini Magnifying Glass

The small magnifying glass can be used to view some of the harder to see aspects of ant life, like eggs, larva, and ant body parts.

3. Water Pipette

The water pipette can be used to add water into the base water reservoir or also into specific locations above ground in the foraging area to recreate a rainy day for your ant colony.


Kit used to enhance the ant keeping experience for users of the Ant Tower Small.