The Ultimate Ant Keeping Handbook™ E-Book

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The Ultimate Ant Keeping Handbook™ E-Book is a complete and updated guide for those wanting to get into the ant-keeping hobby. It has all you need to know about ants, collecting queen ants, ant keeping, species care sheets, and necessary ant equipment.


It contains lots of current information, not included in the previous 2012 version, including new sections on natural nests, beneficial cleaner creatures (e.g. springtails, isopods, etc), the latest in formicarium technology, as well as specific nuptial flight schedules and distribution charts listed per species. The book is full of the beautiful ant photography of ant biologist Alex Wild. A must-have for any aspiring or advanced ant hobbyist! Below is a list of the handbook's contents: 


Chapter 1: Welcome to the World of Ants

  • The Amazing Prehistory and Evolution of Ants
  • Myrmecology and Ant Classification
  • The Incredible World of Ant Biology
  • The Stages of Ant Life
  • The Ant Caste System
  • The Ever Diverse Ant Reproduction Cycle

Chapter 2: The History of Ant Keeping

  • The Pioneer of Ant Keeping: Uncle Milton Industries, Inc.
  • An Underground Hobby: Europe & Asia
  • How YouTube Helped Ant Keeping Go Mainstream: AntsCanada

Chapter 3: Pre-Pet Research

  • Is a pet ant colony right for you?
  • The Global Ant Keeping Community Online

Chapter 4: Getting All Set-Up

  • Creating the Perfect Home for Your Ants
  • The Formicarium
  • The Basin
  • Two in One Ant Homes (Formicarium + Basin)
  • Natural Nests
  • Additional Supplies

Chapter 5: Starting Your Ant Colony

  • It Starts with a Queen
  • Researching the Species in Your Area
  • Queen Ant Hunting Tips

Chapter 6: The Colony Founding Process

  • The Test Tube Setup
  • Queen Colony Founding Setups:
  • Claustral vs. Semi-Claustral
  • Warmth: The Secret to Growing Your Colony Quickly
  • Catching Unmated Queen Ants
  • How To Tell Your Queen Has Mated
  • When Can I Expect Ants?
  • Egg-laying and Colony Founding Timeline
  • Brood Boosting
  • Feeding the Growing Colony
  • Changing Dried out or Moldy Test Tubes
  • When to Move Queen and Colony into a Formicarium
  • Polymorphism and Alates

Chapter 7: Feeding Your Ant Colony & Ant Nutrition

  • What Happens When An Ant First Discovers Food
  • Ant Nutrition: Protein + Carbs + Water

Chapter 8: The Right Ant Environment

  • Moisture and Humidity
  • Heating
  • Space and Satellite Nests/Basins

Chapter 9: Annual Hibernation/Brumation

  • Why Brumate Ant Colonies?
  • When to Start and End Brumation
  • How to Brumate Ant Colonies

Chapter 10: Nest Hygiene

  • You are the Ant Garbage Man and Undertaker
  • Cycling Nests Every Few Years
  • Beneficial “Nest-Cleaning” Creatures

Chapter 11: Conservation, Preservation, and Education

  • How People Can Save Ants
  • Myrmecology and Websites Ant Keepers and Contributions to Science

Chapter 12: Species-Specific Ant Information

  • Nuptial Flight Schedules and Distribution Chart
  • Basic Care Sheets of Commonly Kept Ant Species

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