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Perfect for beginner ant keepers, the AntsCanada Ant Tower™ is a fully contained ant environment, complete with a nesting area and a foraging area in a single enclosure. It comes with an easy-to-use hydration system to keep your ant colony well-hydrated and provides easy and secure access for feeding.


The Ant Tower™ is the easiest-to-use formicarium of our roster of formicariums, and it allows your ants to create their own nest by digging tunnels and chambers with 100% visibility, and requiring very simple maintenance and setup!  


Get the Complete Ant Tower™ Instructions Manual here.




1. Hydration The bottom-up hydration approach more closely mimics the natural environment that ants live in. In nature, the deeper portions of an ant nest are typically moister than the upper portions. The water reservoir provides water for at least a week, sometimes longer depending on local conditions. This way you can leave for a time period and not be worried about your ants dying from lack of water. 


2. Nest Reducer The nest reducer allows you to make the width of the digging area narrower. For smaller ant species, this can be desirable as it forces them to dig more tunnels and chambers against the side of the Ant Tower™ for better viewing. For larger species, its use is not recommended. 


A central feeding chute for ease of feeding with an easy removable cap. 


3. Easy Feeding Chute A small feeder chute is situated at the top cover for ease of feeding. Just remove the small feeder cap then place food inside. No need to remove the entire lid when feeding your colony.


4. Cornerless and Seamless Design Some ant species can climb through any barrier applied if they have a corner to navigate. The cylindrical design of the new AC Ant Tower™ helps you as the ant keeper to avoid this problem. There are also no seams or glue used in the construction of the new AC Ant Tower™, meaning no places for ants to climb over ant barriers.


5. Red Cellophane Every Ant Tower™ comes with red cellophane (see video above) so you can fool your ants into thinking they are in the dark, but still be able to see them within their nest area.




6. Built-in Expansion and Connection Points The built-in expansion and connection points make it very easy to connect your new Ant Tower™ to other AntsCanada products. If you have a young colony living in a test tube setup, your test tube can be connected to the Ant Tower™ with the use of the included adapter, or a Valve Connector from our shop, allowing for a simple way to introduce your young colony into the Ant Tower™. As your colony grows, you can also use our plastic tubing to expand your setup by connecting the AntTower™ to more AntTowers™ or other AntsCanada equipment. IMPORTANT: Your Ant Tower™ comes with two built-in connection points. Remember to block any unused connection points with cotton or an AntsCanada Plug™.


7. Microhole Ventilation An important aspect of any ant setup is air circulation. Without good air circulation, you may see mold begin to develop. And of course, all living organisms need a fresh supply of oxygen to survive.


8. Air Hose Port To allow for even more air movement, your new Ant Tower™ has one air hose connection point. If desired, you can connect a standard aquarium air pump to increase air circulation in the foraging area of your Ant Tower™.


9. Strong Design The Ant Tower™ is made from clear polycarbonate and ABS plastic. Stands up to dings and bumps much better. The Ant Tower can be naturally decorated using our AC Biome Kits™ and connected to other Ant Towers or other AntsCanada Products. The Ant Tower can be heated using our AntsCanada Heat Cable



Dimensions: 4" tall x 3" diameter



The Ant Tower™ can be naturally designed using one of our AC

 Biome Kit™.



The Ant Tower™ can be connected to other Ant Towers™.



The Ant Tower™ can be connected to an AC Outworld™. This setup incorporates a field & forest AC Biome Kit™.



A connection of three Ant Towers™





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