'All You Need' Solenopsis Hybrid 2.0 Gear Pack™

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Keep Solenopsis (fire) ants like a pro with this complete gear pack containing all you need for every exciting stage of ant keeping, including test tubes, formicarium, outworld, vinyl tubing, and accessories. The 'All You Need' Solenopsis Hybrid Gear Pack™ contains the following:

  • 1 Solenopsis Hybrid Nest™ 2.0 formicarium designed to house Solenopsis (Retail value $53.75 USD)
  • 1 AC Outworld™ plus 2 AC Plugs™ and 3' Large Vinyl Tubing (Retail value $85 USD)
  • 1 AC Starter Gear Pack™ which includes: (Retail value $59.75 USD)
    • 5 AC-standard Test Tubes™
    • 1 AC Test Tube Rack™
    • 2 AC Test Tube Portals™
    • 3 ft of AC Large Vinyl Tubing™ (inner diameter 3/8" x outer diameter 1/2”)
    • 3 ft of AC Small Vinyl Tubing™ (inner diameter 1/4" x outer diameter 3/8”)
    • 1 AC Test Tube Accessory Pack™
    • 1 AC Connector Pack™
    • 1 AC Plug Pack™


You save $19.50 USD over buying each item separately.



PDF Files:

Assembly Instructions for "All-You-Need-Hybrid Gear Pack"

AC Outworld™ instruction manual.


NOTE: Some assembly is required. All our prices are in USD and we ship via USPS. If you are outside the US, we do not cover customs fees that your country may incur on packages. 

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