Ant Tower Deluxe (Kit Only)

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This handy kit is designed to enhance the experience of users of the Ant Tower Small. Note that this is only the kit that includes:

  • Featherweight Tweezers
  • Mini Magnifying Glass
  • Water Pipette

If you would like to purchase the Ant Tower Small + this kit you can purchase the Ant Tower Deluxe - Small here.

Kit contains:

  1. Featherweight Tweezers, these Tweezers are perfect for picking up ants without injuring them. The featherweight squeeze is soft enough to prevent injury to ants. It comes in handy when catching your own queens or gathering ant workers that may have escaped while you were feeding them or adjusting your setup in some way.
  2. Mini Magnifying Glass The small magnifying glass can be used to view some of the harder-to-see aspects of ant life, like eggs, larvae, and ant body parts. 
  3. Water Pipette The water pipette can be used to add water into the base water reservoir or also into specific locations above ground in the foraging area to recreate a rainy day for your ant colony.   

This special Deluxe bundle also includes a pair of featherweight tweezers and a mini magnifying glass for better observation of the ants and their tunnels, as well as a pipette for easy hydration of the Ant Tower.

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