AC Outworld™ 2.0

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This easy-to-use AC Outworld™ provides the ideal space for your ant colony's various daily out-of-nest activities and is perfectly designed for ant keeping. The outworld is a very important component of an ant setup, as it creates the 'outer world' for your ant colony and offers a place for your ants to forage for food, establish garbage sites, and even dispose of their dead. The health and well-being of an ant colony depends on the outworld you, as their keeper, provide for them.


General Features of the AC Outworld™


The brand new, specially designed AC Outworld™ has many new and exciting features.


1. Size – The AC Outworld™ is 1 foot in length, 6 inches deep, and 6.5 inches tall which is a good amount of ant real estate! As a general rule in ant keeping, the larger your outworld, the better.

It allows your ants to perform a lot of natural behaviors, including hunting and foraging, food trailing, building ant hills, and creating the ant colony's garbage and burial sites for the dead. Though spacious, the AC Outworld™ still fits nicely on any tabletop, counter top, desktop, or shelf and is quite portable, in case you need to transport or relocate your colony.



An upper lip allows you to place your ant barrier (e.g. baby powder + rubbing alcohol mix, fluon, petroleum jelly) to keep your ants inside the outworld while you're working inside it or while it is open.


2. Ant Deterrent Lip - The AC Outworld™ conveniently has a horizontal lip which runs around the top of the outworld. This lip provides an ideal space for you to apply whatever ant deterrent you are using to keep the ants from escaping. Petroleum jelly, fluon/PTFE, talcum powder-rubbing alcohol mixture, and olive oil are examples of popular ant deterrents. With the AC Outworld™, you don't need to obstruct your outworld view with an unsightly band of ant deterrent on the vertical viewing surface. The lip creates a place where your deterrent does not have to be seen, giving you a clear view of your ants.


3. Shape  – The unique, sleek, elliptical shape of the AC Outworld™ eliminates the chance of your ants clinging on to corners that might help your ants surpass your barrier of ant deterrent, a notorious problem with escape-prone ants housed in rectangular or square-shaped outworlds.


 4. Clear 360° Viewing  – The AC Outworld™ presents your ants beautifully offering an amazing 360-degree view of your ants in action! The clarity of the acrylic and its sleek design make the AC Outworld™ an attractive piece for your ant setup.


5. Cover - The cover provides a large mesh surface for good ventilation, which allows for the presence of 'micro-wind' in your outworld. This is important because it discourages your ants from nesting in your outworld and also allows for fresh oxygen to enter and carbon dioxide to exit your formicarium through your tubing. The cover contains a convenient central handle for easy cover removal and replacement. It can be disassembled if desired for easy cleaning or removal of the mesh.


 6. Connectivity - The AC Outworld has two built-in connection points for AC Large Vinyl Tubing making it simple to connect your outworld to your formicarium or other parts of your ant setup.


7. Modular - Outworld space can easily be increased by connecting additional AC Outworlds using vinyl tubing.


8. Stackable - Vertical outworld space can easily be increased by stacking two AC Outworlds on top of each other. The base of the AC Outworld is designed to snap securely into the top of another AC Outworld.


9. Naturalistic Design (Optional) - AC Outworlds™ can be naturalistically designed using our top-of-the-line AC Biome Kits™ available now at our shop. These kits contain all the materials needed to naturalistically design your AC Outworld™ to emulate your ants' natural habitat and create a beautiful piece of nature in your home. Biome Kits available in Field & Forest, Desert & Oasis, and Rainforest designs.


 AC Field and Forest Biome Kit


Naturalistically design your AC Outworld with our new AC Biome Kits. Available in "Field & Forest", "Desert & Oasis", and "Rainforest" versions. AC Biome Kits sold separately.


Instruction Manual

Click HERE for the full AC Outworld™ instruction manual.





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