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As the world’s #1 leading ant keeping hobby store, we are dedicated to providing you with top-of-the-line ant keeping products, customer service, and information on ant keeping. We proudly ship all of our products to ant lovers worldwide. Here are the most commonly asked questions regarding our store, products, service, and website.


How long have you guys been dealing with ants?
We proudly have over 25 years of ant keeping experience under our belts! Over the years we have been able to develop and perfect our products, techniques, and knowledge base on pet ant husbandry. All our products have been tried and tested for quality and effectiveness and have proven to rear large, healthy ant colonies.


Where can I buy ants?
We may be able to sell you an ant colony through our GAN Project.


Where are you able to ship your products?
We proudly ship our products to ant lovers worldwide. For those products indicated, we do not include shipping depending on your location. If additional shipping costs are required, we will simply contact you via email and bill you for the additional postal fee. Note that if you reside outside of the USA, your country’s customs may incur a customs fee on your package which will not cover.


What shipping company do you use?
Depending on your location we usually ship via USPS, EMS, Parcelforce, or GLS.


Will I be able to track my package as it gets to me?
Yes. We ensure you have a way to watch your order get closer and closer!


My ants aren’t moving into my newly ordered formicarium? I followed everything suggested in the manual and don’t know what to do.
Be patient. Sometimes it takes stubborn ants weeks to move. Try adding some sand into the formicarium, which comes with the kit! Many ants go crazy over moist sand.


What is your return policy?
If any products arrive damaged you must notify us immediately upon receiving by CONTACTING US. We will require photos and proof of damage. You will also be required to send the item back, and once it arrives back to us, we would be happy to issue you a refund or store credit.


Do pet stores carry AntsCanada products?
At the moment, no. We only sell online, but will definitely post store locations once they get on shelves.


I own a store and would like to sell AntsCanada Products.
Please contact us.


I would like to be a regional distributor of AntsCanada Products.
Please contact us.


Can any other pets be used within your formicaria?
Yes, our formicaria are designed to mimic sub terrestrial habitats, so feel free to use our formicaria for your terrestrial spiders, beetles, larvae, worms, sow bugs, millipedes, centipedes, and all other insect pets you may adopt from under a rock outside.


Do you do educational presentations for schools on ants?
One of the traveling services we offer seasonally are in-school presentations. Please contact us for details.


Where can I find info about the AntsCanada Omni Nest?
Watch this video.


Where can I find info about the AntsCanada Omni Nest Vertical?
Watch this video.


Where can I find info about the AntsCanada Hybrid Nest?
Watch this video.

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