GAN Host Agreement

This is our standard GAN Host agreement. This agreement is in place to ensure ecological safety, the safety of the adopted ants, and the abiding of your local/national/international laws. Please read the terms and familiarize yourself with its requirements.I, the GAN Host agree to:

1) [For US/Canada residents only] Not relocate the colony across State/Province borders as doing so is illegal and is punishable by serious fines if caught.

2) Not release or relocate the ant colony more than 250 km from where you live nor give this colony away to anyone else. In the event you can no longer care for the colony you are to notify AntsCanada and we can rehome the colony for you.

3) Never ship the ant colony in the mail to anyone. Doing so is illegal and ecologically disastrous. It also endangers the well being of the ant colony.

4) Not use the ants in experiments or activities which will endanger the ants (e.g. ant colony fighting, pest ant poison experiments, etc).

5) Not house the ant colony in a gel ant farm. These are fatal for ant colonies.

6) Acknowledge that I reside within the City & State/Province indicated in the form, as well as provide proof of residence (if prompted) in the form of a bill along with other photo identification. If the GAN Host fails to provide this when asked the ant colony will not be sold to the GAN Host.

7) Never purchase another ant colony from the GAN Farmer directly, as all ant colony adoptions are managed through The GAN Host must contact if they would like to purchase another colony.

8) Care for the ant colony to the best of your ability, and continue to do on going research on ant keeping and the proper care of ants.Thank you and looking forward to providing you with a new colony of ants! 🙂

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