GAN Farmer Agreement

Below is our basic AntsCanada GAN Project agreement. Have a look at it and understand its contents. Feel free to ask us if you have any questions. By filling out the form, you agreed to the terms and conditions.
In joining the GAN Project as a GAN farmer I am required to:
1) Raise my ants to the best of my ability, providing the colonies with appropriate care and equipment. New queens are to be raised in the standard test tube setup or other proven method.
2) Inform AntsCanada immediately when a colony I am offering dies or if I have another colony available for sale
3) [Exclusivity] Never sell ants to anyone except through the GAN Project; this also applies to previous GAN Hosts (customers). Any and all ant purchasing transactions must be made through the GAN Project through unless express written permission is obtained from via email. Any inquiries the GAN Farmers may get personally or online must be directed to to make the purchase of the GAN Farmer's colonies.
4) Ensure that the selling of local ants within the GAN FArmer's area is legal
5) Always meet GAN Hosts in a public place with a companion for safety reasons when picking up the colony
6) Provide a current email address for communication, as well as a skype contact, and to let the team know if contact information changes
7) Always conduct myself professionally online and in person when working in association with, which includes online science or ant-related websites and when meeting GAN Hosts.
8) Make arrangements to meet with GAN Hosts locally
9) Never sell ants that are not native to his/her area
10) Only sell ants with at least 1 worker
11) Never mail, transport (more than 120km away), or ship my ants in any manner or method.
Duties of AntsCanada:
1) To inform you of all requests from Gan Hosts wanting to buy your colonies
2) To provide the GAN Farmer with a free AntsCanada Ultimate Ant Keeping Handbook
3) AntsCanada will pay the GAN Farmer 5% referral commission off all store orders made from customers who state that they were referred to the website by the GAN Farmer.
4) AntsCanada will remain professional and accessible as much as possible and answer any and all questions the GAN Farmer may ask.
5) AntsCanada will promote the availability of the ants of the GAN Farmer to the best of their ability and post the available ants and location on the website.
6) AntsCanada will communicate with inquiring GAN Hosts and GAN Farmers regarding pricing, species availability, and colony size before connecting both parties (GAN Farmer and GAN Host) for the pick up of the ant colony.

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