AC Holidays Sale 2021

Greetings, ant lovers!

It’s that time of the year again! is launching our biggest ant promo yet! The AC Holidays Sale 2021, where you get 20% off our ac Ant Tower Small and ac Hybrid Nest Mini, and on top of that, if you use the promo code “antloveforever21”, you get our Ultimate Ant Keeping Handbook e-book, complete with care guides on specific commonly kept ant species, totally free, which you can add to your cart before checking out! Our easy-to-use ant farms, as seen in our ant Youtube videos, make an awesome holiday gift for anyone who loves ants! We ship worldwide and also offer full email support if you need our help! Plus, if you didn’t catch a queen ant this season and need ants, just visit the QUEEN ANTS FOR SALE tab to look for ant colony sellers in your area.

Just a reminder that Our AC Holidays Sale 2020 ends January 1st and you need to order before December 17th, 2020 if within US, or December 10th, 2020 if outside the US, if you hope to receive your package before Christmas December 25th. Also, due to the unpredictability of shipping/delivery in this time of pandemic, we do not guarantee pre-Christmas delivery. All prices are listed in USD, and we do not cover duties charges for orders outside US.

Happy holidays and happy ant shopping!

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