NEW VIDEO: Honeypot Ants & Our AC Ant Love Contest 2017

Greetings AC Family,

Ever think of eating an ant? This week we take a look at some juice-filled ants that native peoples have been eating for centuries. Honeypot ants are some of the most interesting ants in the world, and due to overwhelming requests to do a video about them, we have decided to have honeypot ants be our featured ant for this year’s Valentine’s Day Special.

We also launch our annual Ant Love Contest where we give away an All You Need Omni Gear Pack to a lucky winner, so head on over to our Official Facebook page and LIKE the page to participate. All you have to do is look for the pinned post featuring this week’s video and answer in the comments section of that post: “WHAT IS ANT LOVE TO YOU?”

We will choose 1 lucky winner and announce the results in next week’s video. We also give prizes to runners-up, so be as creative as you can, and good luck! Ant love forever!

Enjoy this week’s video: