NEW VIDEO: DEATH SPRITES: Creating a Frog Haven & Ant Hell (1 hr Video)

The Death Sprites (painted toads) have arrived and they’re ready to annihilate some ants! This team of toads has been commissioned to exterminate a problematic population of mite-infected ants, hopelessly doomed members of the Golden Empire (yellow crazy ants). The majority of the Golden Empire is thankfully recuperating from the mites in quarantine, the mite-infected Golden Empire ants left behind in the Hacienda Del Dorado must be killed off, so that the mites that parasitize them do not move on to infect all the other ants and critters in our Ant Room, hence, the addition of our new Death Sprites! But the events that happened, following the introduction of the Death Sprites, and the added complication and need to introduce a second Death Sprite team, were nothing less than epic, suspenseful, full of problem-solving, crises, perseverance, and indeed cuteness overload. By the end of it all, I was left in utter breathlessness at the miraculous splendor of nature. This has got to be one of my absolute favourite (and longest) episodes on this channel, so sit back and enjoy how I created a haven for Death Sprites and a hell for zombie, mite-infected ants. Oh yeah, and AC Family, you guys will love the major event happening at the end!