NEW VIDEO: Ant Game of Thrones & New AC Ant Flag Contest

Owning ant colonies is like watching Game of Thrones. As a tribute to the highly anticipated, up coming GOT season, we take a look at the epic and twisting stories of all the ant kingdoms of this channel. The plot twists will shock you! We also launch our ANTSCANADA ANT FLAG CONTEST to celebrate the 2 yr anniversary of the AC Ant Forum. See below for details!

For flag submissions click here.

Mechanics: Design a flag for any of our ant colonies on the channel and post it in the forum at the link above. NOTE: You need to register if you aren’t already a member of the forum in order to post. You may submit flag entries for one, some, or all the colonies on the channel. The ant colonies are 1) The Fire Nation (Fire Ants), 2) The Dark Knights North & South (Black Crazy Ants) 3) The Golden Empire (Yellow Crazy Ants), 4) The Titans (Marauder Ants).

3 finalists will be selected for each colony and the AC Family will be able to vote for their favourite in a future video. The winner of each winning flag will win a FREE Omni Nest Small formicarium from our shop (winner must pay for customs fees if outside USA).

Watch this week’s episode here: