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Greetings Ant Lovers, I caught a new queen fire ant and she’s already laid eggs. She’s a beautiful queen ant, however I already own a pet fire ant colony and I fear letting her go back into the wild might not be ecologically prudent, seeing as fire ants are invasive […]

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Greetings Ant Lovers, Welcome to the Crystal Catacombs, the name given to the crystalline and rocky terrarium home of my pet yellow crazy ant colony (Anoplolepis gracilipes), named the Golden Empire. There’s some big news happening somewhere northwest of the nest, and the ants needed to tend to it asap. […]

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Greetings Ant Lovers, With over 16,000 species of ants, you better believe that queen ants come in a many different shapes, sizes, colours, and lifestyles. This is a full list of my top 20 favourite queen ants on the planet! Do you agree with my picks?  

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Greetings Ant Lovers, There are huge facehugger mites on my pet ants in their test tube ant farm nest. But in this episode, I attempted something crazy to help save them. Like a mini “ant surgeon”, I went in and extracted the facehugger mites from the colony. It took some […]

NEW VIDEO: Saving My Ant Colony From Giant Facehugger Mites

Greetings Ant Lovers, My ants have ‘Facehugger’ mites! The future was looking hopeful for my new young ant colony of carpenter ants, named the Woodland Warriors, which had lots of young and a healthy-looking queen ant laying eggs. However, all that changed when I spotted a huge mite on the […]

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Greetings Ant Lovers, This is a story of my young pet carpenter ants and their beautiful queen ant, who were in need of a new ant nest location. In today’s episode, I give the ants a brand new home suitable for an ant colony at their current stage, and watch […]

NEW VIDEO: Giving My Carpenter Ants a New Home

Birth of the CARPENTER ANTS: After the beautiful rise to glory of my fire ant colony, the Phoenix Empire, I sought out a brand new starting carpenter ant colony to begin a new story of ant wonder. In this episode we meet our young carpenter ant queen and her brood, […]


Greetings Ant Lovers, I’m going for it! I’m building a huge 82-acre nature park which I’m tentatively naming Antopia Park, which I intend to open to the public and to tourists. In this video, I discuss my plans for launching such a large-scale operation, ask for your feedback and help […]

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Greetings Ant Lovers, I can’t believe we made another novel discovery in our newly bought ant forest! In this episode, we fortify our new forest/ant paradise for the native ants in my area, applying permaculture principles to build a food forest. While doing so we finally hear back from my […]

What I Discovered in My New Forest & Ant Paradise

Greetings Ant Lovers, The day has come! I decided to buy a forest to celebrate the channel hitting 4M subscribers, and it’s truly a magical place to explore. The richness of biodiversity is mind-blowing, and I managed to find several ants there that I’ve never seen before. Aside from fulfilling […]

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