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The AntsCanada Global Ant Nursery Project™

Our Project Objective

To put it simply: We find you ant colonies with a queen to stock your formicariums with only locally caught and raised ant species, or if you are looking to give or sell off any of your ant colonies, we help find ant lovers for you from your area that are looking for ant colonies for their formicariums. All over the world, we are constantly bringing together ant lovers with locally raised ant colonies. Here is what acclaimed biologist, nature photographer Alex Wild has to say:

“The Global Ant Nursery is an excellent idea, and is the responsible way to enjoy an ant-keeping hobby. Not only does connecting suppliers with local hobbyists prevent the accidental release of pest ants, the Global Ant Nursery should help foster regional myrmecological communities. I hope it succeeds!” -Alex Wild (biologist, nature photographer www.alexanderwild.com)

A new Formica fusca colony ready to be adopted through the GAN Project

The AntsCanada Global Ant Nursery Project™ aims to help those who find it hard to find their own queen ants during nuptial flight by offering up for adoption ant colonies raised by local ant keepers from their area. Also, the practice of ordering or importing ant colonies through the mail is both illegal in many areas and potentially disastrous to a local ecosystem, therefore the GAN Project exists to encourage responsible ant keeping by promoting the keeping of local ant species. Finally, the project aims at expanding our ever-growing global network and AntsCanada team of ant lovers.

Need a Live Ant Colony With a Queen?

The AntsCanada Global Ant Nursery aims at promoting the keeping of native ant species and not species imported from other areas.This is how it works. AntsCanada has a growing network of GAN (i.e. Global Ant Nursery) Farmers whom we recruit from around the world to sell ant colonies (with queens that they capture locally) to ant lovers like yourself, living within their area (maximum 250 km away and within State/legal limits). Instead of mailing ants to you, you must pick up the ants in person after purchasing the colony through a secure Paypal payment. Below is our updated list of GAN Farmers and the ants they are offering up for adoption. Note: For ecological safety issues, we are unable to sell queens to you if you live more than 250 km away from any of our designated GAN Farmers listed below. Other restrictions apply and proof of residence will be required from you. You will also be required to sign our GAN Host agreement, the terms of which can be read here. Also, if you are a US resident, we can only offer queen ants to you if you share the same State as one of our GAN Farmers. It is against the law in the US to transport ant colonies across State borders.

Our Current Available Ant Species Listing by GAN Farmer Location

The following is a complete list of our GAN Farmer locations and the ant species they have available for purchase. All species listed are native to their region, were locally captured and captive raised, and each colony contains a queen and at least 1 worker ant. Look below to see if we have a GAN Farmer in your area. Please remember that we do not allow you to buy ants from another country or region.

North America
South America

North America | South America | Europe | Australia | Oceania| Asia

How to adopt an Ant Colony from us

If you live within 250 km of the locations listed above and are interested in the available species in your area just contact us and we would be happy to provide you a price listing and further instructions on how to purchase and pick up your new ant colony. Remember you will have to purchase the colony via Paypal as well as pick up the ant colony in person, as we do not ship live ants through the mail. You will also be asked to sign our GAN Host agreement and possibly show proof of residence. If you do not see a GAN Farmer near your location of residence, keep checking back regularly because new GAN Farmers will be recruited over time.

We greatly recommend you house your new ant colony using any of our effective “All You Need” Starter Kit Gear Packs at our shop. Be sure to also pick up our Ultimate Ant Keeping Handbook E-book for all the information needed to care for your ants properly.

The AC Outworld makes a very attractive piece in any ant setup, especially when they are naturalistically designed.

Our “All You Need” Starter Kits are designed to provide your new ant colony with the greatest chance at success.

How to join our GAN Team and become a GAN Farmer

We are always looking for new and enthusiastic ant hobbyists to offer ants for sale (or for free) in their area to local ant keepers and ant keeper hopefuls seeking to obtain an ant colony with a queen. If you have some queen ants and/or ant colonies that you would like to sell or give away, please contact us and inquire about joining our GAN Project to become a GAN Farmer for your area. You would be a great help ant keepers in your area, promote the hobby, and make some extra money doing what you love. Signing up is quick, easy, risk-free, and fun! Note: You must be 18 yrs or older to join or partner with your parent/guardian, and you must have at least one queen with at least one worker to offer for sale at the time of signup. Looking forward to having you join the GAN Project!

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