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NEW VIDEO: Ants vs. Honey


NEW VIDEO: Check Out Our New Trap-Jaw Ant Colony!

NEW VIDEO: How to Discover a New Ant Species

NEW VIDEO: Feeding Cockroaches to Ants

NEW VIDEO: Honeypot Ants & Our AC Ant Love Contest 2017

AntsCanada Youtube Video Hits #13 on Trending!

NEW VIDEO: Massive Ant Terrarium | Hacienda Del Dorado

NEW VIDEO: Fire Ants Build Huge Ant Hills in a Bin!

NEW VIDEO: Feral Ants Loose In My Home | How to Get Rid of Pest Ants

NEW VIDEO: I Made a 2-Story Ant Farm | 40 FEET LONG!!!


NEW VIDEO: Where to Buy Queen Ants | Starting Ant Keeping 101

Winners of our Free AC T-Shirt 2017 Facebook Contest

NEW VIDEO: HELP! Mites Have Attacked Our Ants!

NEW VIDEO: What We Gave Our Ants for Christmas & Hitting 500K Subs

NEW VIDEO: OMG! Caught a NEW QUEEN ANT | Monster Ants (feat, Trap-jaws, Weaver Ants, Marauder Ants, and more)

New Ant T-Shirts, Test Tube Portal v2, and Test Tube Rack v2

NEW VIDEO: Fire Ants Have Taken Over My Room!

Fire Ants vs Flood

NEW VIDEO: Fire Ants vs. Flood | What Happens to Ants When It Rains

Christmas Sale, Beginners Promo, & New E-Gift Cards

NEW VIDEO: Harvester Ants & the AC Christmas Sale/Promo

Ants React To Thanksgiving Turkey

NEW VIDEO: Fire Ants React to Thanksgiving Turkey (Time Lapse)

NEW VIDEO: Leafcutter Ants Will Blow Your Mind! GRAND BLACK FRIDAY Giveaway!


NEW VIDEO: Part 2 New Yellow Crazy Ants |Entering the Nest & Name Voting

Yellow Crazy Ants

NEW VIDEO: Our New Yellow Crazy Ants

Ants drinking honey

NEW VIDEO: Ants Drinking Coloured Honey

Vote for a name for our Black Crazy Ants

NEW VIDEO: Help us VOTE for a name for our ants!

Dr. Corrie Moreau

New Video: How much does an ant scientist make?

Ant Reproduction

NEW VIDEO: Every Wonder How Ants Reproduce?

Americans Answer Ant Trivia For Cash

New Video: Americans Answer Ant Trivia for Cash! The Ants of New York City

AntsCanada Video Featured on Nat Geo and Discovery Channel

NEW VIDEO: Ants Do Crazy Things For Sugar | Ant Sugars Tutorial

New Viral Video & Over 100K Subs on the AntsCanada Youtube Channel

Ants that help make Coffee, Chocolate, and Pineapples

Tetramorium Tutorial Video

New Video: Pavement Ants (Tetramorium) | AntsCanada Tutorial

New Video: My Ant Farm Routine (Time Lapse)

New Video: A Surprise in Fire Ant Mountain

New Video: Gold Ants of Indonesia

New Video: Time lapse – Feeding Crickets To Ants

New Video: Keeping Carpenter Ants As Pets

New Video: How to Identify Queen Ants

New Video: Fire Ants Moving Into Solenopsis Hill | Ant Democracy and Communism

New Video: Queen Ants that Kill Other Queen Ants

New Video: Red Ants VS Black Ants!!!

New Video: Hunting for Pavement Ant Queens

New Video: Zombie Ants, Killer Flies, Alien Worms

Check out our New AntsCanada video on fire ants!

New Video: Keeping Fire Ants as Pets

New Video: Ghost Ants & AntsCanada Q&A

Ant Colonies in AC Hybrid Nests

New Video: New Ant Colonies

New Video: Want to know when in the year to catch a Queen Ant?

New Video: Black Crazy Ants Find a Dead Cockroach

Ants Eating Superworm

Announcement of Contest Winners & Feeder Insects for Ants.

Win a FREE Complete Ant Setup! The AC “What is Ant Love” Contest 2016!

Ants’ Reaction to BURGERS! (Video)

“All You Need” Starter Kits now available!

New AC Outworlds™ finally available (Video)

New AC Vinyl Tubing™ & Other Accessories Now Available

Stackable and Heatable Test Tube Racks now available!

New video to kick off 2016: Ants, Carnivorous Plants, and a Monkey

Happy Holidays, Ant Lovers from the AntsCanada family!

Test Tubes and Test Tube Portals now available!

New video: How Ants Survive the Winter

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Winter Ants: Ants that like the cold?

“WHAT IS ANT LOVE?” Contest | FREE Omni Nest Large | Deadline Aug 3rd, 2015!

July 26th, 2015: Brand New AntsCanada Ant Forum!

Omni Nests at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County