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1 MILLION FIRE ANTS vs. MY HAND COVERED IN HONEY! We finally hit 1 Million subscribers on this channel! Yay! Thank you AC Family for the amazing support! To celebrate with a special video we conduct an experiment involving my hand, honey, and a million aggressive fire ants.

NEW VIDEO: 1,000,000 Fire Ants vs. My Hand

Snakes and ants seem like a very unlikely pair when it comes to biological relationships, but you won’t believe what I found inside our ant terrarium! No snakes were harmed during the making of this video, but I don’t know if we could say the same for ants!


We have yet again successfully developed life! We’ve already created worlds of life forms over time, biological communities of organisms under our control, and today we cast another fateful vote to select one of our lucky ant colonies to be the new recipients of the new terrarium. We also have […]

NEW VIDEO: How To Create Life!

Oh no! Something is killing our ant colony, the Titans (Asian Marauder ants, Carebara diversa) and I don’t know what it is! In this video I will need your help to save this dying ant colony! Don’t forget to watch until the end for a big surprise! Watch the video […]

NEW VIDEO: Oh No! Something is Killing My Ant Colony!

Building a brand new terrarium is exciting but the ant colony you wanted to move in here died, so who will inherit this giant new terrarium? Watch and see who you voted for! Also, we launch our first round of flag voting for one of our ant colonies on this […]

NEW VIDEO: Amazing Ant Terrarium!

Owning ant colonies is like watching Game of Thrones. As a tribute to the highly anticipated, up coming GOT season, we take a look at the epic and twisting stories of all the ant kingdoms of this channel. The plot twists will shock you! We also launch our ANTSCANADA ANT […]

NEW VIDEO: Ant Game of Thrones & New AC Ant ...

Great news, AC Family! Our newest ant video hit Top 3 in Trending in USA! Green ants have appeared in our Yellow Crazy Ant colony. Find out why in this video which follows the daily adventures of ant predation. You also will be shocked at what is revealed by the […]

NEW VIDEO: Green Ants? (Trending in USA)

Help us decide which of our ant colonies should live in this new terrarium. Today we get an update on all the five ant colonies on the channel, and invite you to vote for who the new inhabitants of our vacantĀ terrarium will be.

NEW VIDEO: Who Should Live In This New Tank?