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AC Family, It looks like we have some very serious problems. We came home to this! Watch this latest update on our ant colonies. They are in trouble and your input would be greatly appreciated. Please watch the video:  

NEW VIDEO: Coming Back Home to Ant Disaster!

Happy new year! This week we travel to the remote islands of Maldives to look into the lives of ants and other animals at the beach. We find out how ants take vacations, how tourism of both humans and ants impact the ecology of a small island, and even get […]

NEW VIDEO: Beach Ants?

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and I love my pet ants, so I made sure this year to give all five of my ant colonies (the Fire Nation, the Dark Knights, the Golden Empire, the Titans, and the Tomb Raiders) something extra special. It has been an amazing year of […]

NEW VIDEO: What I Gave My Ants For Christmas

Today we deal with an alarming, foreign mold invasion in the ant farm setup of our new pharaoh ant colony, (species: Monomorium pharaonis) called the Tomb Raiders. The plot twist will blow you out of your seat, no pun intended!

NEW VIDEO: Ants vs. Alien Mold

In this video, we attempt the unthinkable: we turn our new Youtube Gold Play Button, which we received for hitting 1 million subscribers, into an ant farm! Watch how we make the Gold Play Button habitable for ants, which ant colony we move in, and how they react. Enjoy!

NEW VIDEO: My Youtube Gold Play Button Ant Farm

We went all out! Built an ant farm the size of a room! Check out our cool, new Egyptian-themed ant farm designed for our new Pharaoh Ant colony! Don’t forget to check out our new Christmas Sale items (15% off until January 1st, 2018): Hybrid Nest 2.0 and All-You-Need Formica […]

NEW VIDEO: New Room-Sized Ant Farm for Pharaoh Ants

This video was one of the most difficult and time-consuming videos ever made on this channel! Today we wage war against one of the most widespread and pestiferous ants in the whole world! Watch as we trap an army of pharaohs.

NEW VIDEO: War vs. Pharaoh Ants

Ants go to war in such a fascinating way! In this video we explore what happens when three species of ants meet and compete.