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Greetings AC Family, In an attempt to better tailor our setup for our the Dark Knights’ (Black Crazy ants/Paratrechina longicornis) nomadic needs, in this action-packed video, we introduce you to a 2-story ant farm, officially the biggest ant farm we have ever had! Watch as the ant colony explores their new […]

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Greetings, AC Family! We did! We won a SILVER PLAY BUTTON and it’s HUGE! Thank you so much for the support, AC Family. I feel so much gratitude right now. You must know that I take none of you for granted and this is our awesome milestone together. Hope to […]


Greetings AC Family, An ‘Uber for ants’? An ‘ant black market’? Our very first video of the year is an introduction to the basics of the ant keeping hobby and industry. In this info-packed video tutorial, we take a look at starting your colony from just a queen ant, where […]

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Greetings AC Family, Happy new year 2017 to all ant lovers out there. We hope 2017 has more joy, blessings, and ant discoveries in store for you, our AC Family. In the beginning of December we launched our Free AC T-Shirt 2017 Contest to celebrate the coming of our new […]

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Happy New Year 2017, AC Family! First, please allow us to thank you for the phenomenal support this year. We wish you and your pet ants all the best in 2017, and we have a lot of great things planned ahead for you and your pet ants. Ant love forever! […]

NEW VIDEO: HELP! Mites Have Attacked Our Ants!

Greetings AC Family, This week’s video is a special holiday-themed episode. Titled ‘Twas the Ants’ Night Before Christmas, it is a poem about the ant colonies we followed on our channel this year, recapping some of their most memorable moments in 2016, and the gifts we gave them for Christmas on behalf […]

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Greetings AC Family, In this week’s action-packed ant video we  admire our newly caught trap-jaw queen ant, who looks scary but is she really dangerous? Aggressive? We test out the power of her jaws and set her up in hopes that she will rear a colony for us. Also, we take […]

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Greetings AC Family, We are excited to announce the release of our brand new premium line of ant t-shirts! Now you can wear and show your ant love to the world! Check out our ant t-shirts now here! We are also equally as excited to announce the release of our […]

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Greetings AC family, The Fire Nation is such a big colony of fire ants! Take a tour with us through this growing fire ant colony and let us know what you think!  Ant love forever! Fire ant in thumbnail by Alex Wild for the University of  Texas “Insects Unlocked” Project.

NEW VIDEO: Fire Ants Have Taken Over My Room!

Fire Ants vs Flood
Greetings AC Family, In this week’s episode of the AntsCanada Ant Channel, we explore what happens when our Fire Ants of the Fire Nation are faced with a flood within their nest. What happened may shock you! Watch the new video here, and don’t forget to give it a thumbs […]

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