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Ants go to war in such a fascinating way! In this video we explore what happens when three species of ants meet and compete.


We can’t believe it! Our yellow crazy ants are showing signs of learning and experience! Check it out this week epic ant video!

NEW VIDEO: My Ants Are Learning!

A tale of mystery, curses, death, and ultimately a twist ending which will get you screaming, this video recaps why we feel this ant farm terrarium is haunted by the ghost of a bearded dragon who used to live in this tank. Every attempt to reinhabit the terrarium ended up failing somehow due […]

NEW VIDEO: The Haunted Ant Farm (Halloween Special)

Let’s face it! The world hates fire ants. It is not hard to understand why seeing as they are a major domestic pest in many countries, as well as a very dangerous agricultural pest, like in the Unites States where they pose serious problems and affect human way of life. […]


My pet fire ants have waged war against me and had the perfect opportunity to make an escape. They stung and fought with me, but in the end, their new ant farm arrangement made it totally worth it. Hope you enjoy this week’s new ant video!

NEW VIDEO: My Fire Ants Broke Loose Everywhere!

Help us find the queen ant! The Fire Nation, our massive, aggressive, stinging colony of red tropical fire ants (Solenopsis geminata) has officially moved into their new Hybrid Nest 2.0 formicarium, and how they have organized themselves inside is truly amazing! It has made for the perfect conditions to hunt for […]

NEW VIDEO: Finding The Queen Fire Ant

Our Fire Nation’s home just got bigger! Check out our brand new AC Hybrid Nest 2.0 Our pet fire ant colony, the Fire Nation, is officially moving in to a new home, and it’s an epic custom-designed craft of ant farm technology, which took my team and I almost 2 years to […]

NEW VIDEO: My Fire Ants’ New Ant Farm

Today we live stream an ant colony feeding session of Dubia cockroaches to the “Fire Nation” our Fire Ants aka Solenopsis geminata, the “Golden Empire” our Yellow Crazy Ants aka Anoplolepis gracilipes, and the “Dark Knights” our Black Crazy Ants aka Paratrechina longicornis. The ants feast on the roaches that […]

Live ANT COLONY Feeding!