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Greetings AC Family, This week we give you special access to a feeding session of our three ant colonies: the Golden Empire, the Fire Nation, and the Dark Knights, and on the menu tonight are their favourite food, i.e. cockroaches! We also announce our winner and runners up for our […]

NEW VIDEO: Feeding Cockroaches to Ants

Greetings AC Family, Ever think of eating an ant? This week we take a look at some juice-filled ants that native peoples have been eating for centuries. Honeypot ants are some of the most interesting ants in the world, and due to overwhelming requests to do a video about them, […]

NEW VIDEO: Honeypot Ants & Our AC Ant Love ...

Greetings AC Family, Look at what you did! The latest AntsCanada video featuring the “Golden Empire”, our Yellow Crazy Ants (Anoplolepis gracilipes) moving into a massive, planted terrarium hit #13 over the weekend on Youtube Trending, and also ranked in other foreign countries like Germany. Congratulations to us, AC Family […]

AntsCanada Youtube Video Hits #13 on Trending!

Greetings AC Family, We have an exciting video this week. The Golden Empire, our yellow crazy ants still battling with mites needed to be moved out of their current setup as per advice from ant-mite experts. You, the AC Family voted on our official Twitter for us to move them into […]

NEW VIDEO: Massive Ant Terrarium | Hacienda Del Dorado

Greetings AC Family, In this week’s video on the AC channel, we watch as the Fire Nation, our Red Tropical Fire ant colony, moves into the ‘Fire Palace’, a bin full of soil. This is the largest addition to their setup they have ever received. Watch the ants move in, […]

NEW VIDEO: Fire Ants Build Huge Ant Hills in a ...

Greetings, AC Family! Let’s face it! Nobody likes pest ants running loose in the home. Learn how to get rid of ants in your home in this week’s video about feral ants. We also take a closer look at what living with ants in the tropics is like, as we […]

NEW VIDEO: Feral Ants Loose In My Home | How ...

Greetings AC Family, In an attempt to better tailor our setup for our the Dark Knights’ (Black Crazy ants/Paratrechina longicornis) nomadic needs, in this action-packed video, we introduce you to a 2-story ant farm, officially the biggest ant farm we have ever had! Watch as the ant colony explores their new […]

NEW VIDEO: I Made a 2-Story Ant Farm | 40 ...

Greetings, AC Family! We did! We won a SILVER PLAY BUTTON and it’s HUGE! Thank you so much for the support, AC Family. I feel so much gratitude right now. You must know that I take none of you for granted and this is our awesome milestone together. Hope to […]


Greetings AC Family, An ‘Uber for ants’? An ‘ant black market’? Our very first video of the year is an introduction to the basics of the ant keeping hobby and industry. In this info-packed video tutorial, we take a look at starting your colony from just a queen ant, where […]

NEW VIDEO: Where to Buy Queen Ants | Starting Ant ...

Greetings AC Family, Happy new year 2017 to all ant lovers out there. We hope 2017 has more joy, blessings, and ant discoveries in store for you, our AC Family. In the beginning of December we launched our Free AC T-Shirt 2017 Contest to celebrate the coming of our new […]

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