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Owning ant colonies is like watching Game of Thrones. As a tribute to the highly anticipated, up coming GOT season, we take a look at the epic and twisting stories of all the ant kingdoms of this channel. The plot twists will shock you! We also launch our ANTSCANADA ANT […]

NEW VIDEO: Ant Game of Thrones & New AC Ant ...   Recently updated !

Great news, AC Family! Our newest ant video hit Top 3 in Trending in USA! Green ants have appeared in our Yellow Crazy Ant colony. Find out why in this video which follows the daily adventures of ant predation. You also will be shocked at what is revealed by the […]

NEW VIDEO: Green Ants? (Trending in USA)   Recently updated !

Help us decide which of our ant colonies should live in this new terrarium. Today we get an update on all the five ant colonies on the channel, and invite you to vote for who the new inhabitants of our vacant terrarium will be.

NEW VIDEO: Who Should Live In This New Tank?

What happens when we try to planting carnivorous, pitcher plants inside our terrarium of yellow crazy ants in order to control ant populations? You won’t believe what actually happened! Shocking.

NEW VIDEO: Ants vs. Carnivorous Plants

Ever been blown away by the capabilities of ants? If not, this video will blow your mind! Today we watch how fire ants masterfully deal with getting food to its colony by crossing a long tight rope. Check out their brilliant plan!  

NEW VIDEO: Fire Ants Walk the Tight Rope

Today we watch the drama unfold as we introduce some giant tropical millipedes (Orthomorpha coarctata) into our Hacienda Del Dorado, a terrarium that is home to the ‘Golden Empire’, a huge colony of yellow crazy ants (Anoplolepis gracilipes). The action was heart-stopping! You won’t believe the plot twist! Enjoy, AC […]

NEW VIDEO: Ants vs Millipedes

Greetings, AC Family! Ever wonder what it is like to BE an ant? This week, we try something fun and interactive, as we become the ants we love on this channel, and learn about their lives in the first person. Wander the Hacienda Del Dorado and help construct ant hills. […]

NEW VIDEO: Choose Your Own Adventure: A Day in the ...

Greetings, AC Family! This week we had an interesting 1 hour session with all the ant colonies on our Youtube channel for a live streamed feeding. We chatted about each colony, ant keeping, and about exciting things to expect on the channel! Hope you enjoy the video!